Monday, January 17, 2011

Oy Veh already!!

Sorry folks, been out of commission for quite a while.

First, I got socked with that nasty illness. I spent a good part of November and just about all of December fighting some infection/virus that refused to repsond to any medication I took. I was put on double doses of steroids and that started to do the trick, but they ran out and I couldn't take any more for at least a week, and then put back on them for another week. Let me just say that I did not enjoy the steroids. I spiraled between sheer exhaustion and something that was almost manic with energy. Same went for eating. Poor Mike, he was convinced he'd come home one night to find me curled up in a corner on the garage floor gnawing on a deer leg bone (which we did have available at the time...don't ask.) Considering I have been a vegeterian for 30+ years, it would have been a real sight. But there were some nights that I could also see this happening.

Then, just as I'm getting better and approaching "normal" again, my PC decided to fry itself. It wouldn't quite boot up. After another lovely experience with HP, the warranty I purchased from Staples for just such an event, and those oh-so-reliable people at FedEx, I finally got the recovery discs I needed...Friday. As in 3 days ago. It crashed 12/30. I ordered them online 12/31. They arrived 1/14. I paid for 1-2 day shipping. See where this is heading?

I was able to get all my stuff backed up (bad girl, it was not done regularly and I have had this happen before so no excuses), so I lost no photos, work stuff, music, etc. Mike finished getting it set up again this weekend.

So, there you have it.

I held a couple of 20 page layout "classes" this weekend, feeling like I need to use my stuff and get back to scrapbooking. No sense in having the office, reorganizing my stuff, culling out what I don't use and, of course, continue to buy crap if I'm not going ot use it. So there's my resolution. I'll leave "losing weight" to other people who really will. ;) My resolution - scrap more with friends. Finally, something I think I can stick to. :)

As always, thanks for stopping by!