Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lesson of the Day...

If you are a 10th grader - or more - sitting in my Global class and I repeatedly tell you to learn Stalin since, say, January because "you'll need him for the Regents," you might want to listen. Same if I tell you that about Mao starting in February. And when I describe how "versatile" they are for Regents essays you might want to pay attention. That outline I'll give you about how to get the highest essay score when using Stalin and Mao for your essay topic, if you can use them...you might want to read it.

For example: on TODAY'S Regents Exam one of the essays was on leaders and changes they created in a society. Hummmmm...sounds vaguely familiar...

The other essay was on Geography and it's affect on societies, which I correctly guessed and told them to learn. I could not predict it being limited to monsoons, cold climates, and deserts, but it's a DBQ so they had significant help. (I don't get the concept of a DBQ essay yet, to me it defeats the purpose of writing an essay.)

I did see a lot of Stalin, not so much about Mao. Most wrote the 3 pages I require of them, so they might have a fighting chance yet. I'll have the resutls Friday afternoon. I'll keep you posted. Fingers crossed please!!

After that, it's back to crafting. WOO HOO!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The most wonderful time of the year...

...is upon us! Well, upon me anyway. Sorry to all you parents of school-aged kiddos, but the year is almost over. If you teach HS in NY like I do, you have less than 5 days of classes left, a few days of finals, then Regents begin. Hence the lack of activity on the ol' blog. I can't access blogs at work, and I am at work for 3.5 hour review sessions with 30 kids (no joke!) 2+ days per week after school. The Global H & G Regents Exam is June 15th at Noon. Light a candle for them. Make that a few candles. And for me, too, because I have 5 reviews to go, the night before being a 7.5 hour marathon review session. AND I get to deal with all the garbage that makes my job sooooo much fun (which has nothing to do with the kids.) But only for 4 more days of classes, 3 days of finals, 1 half day of classes, 7 days of Regents, & 2 Rating Days. Thats a mere 17 days until my already-packed summer vacation begins and I get to wear my Lady of Leisure crown once more.

Bear with me until the craziness ends. :) That's only 13 calendar days away.

Now...where's that crown??? (Yes, there really is a crown.)