Monday, September 10, 2012

CTMH's Latest Cartridge - Cricut® Artiste

For those of you who haven't seen the new CTMH Cricut cartridge yet, here's a very small idea of what it can do!  I have it, so if you need some more info before deciding to order one, just ask!

There is a typo in the Artiste booklet for one of the projects. On page 49 of the booklet, the slide box is unable to be cut at the 6.5" suggestion. The largest that it can be cut at is 5 ¾" using the Fit to Page function. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Layout & card updates coming soon - still have my loot paked up.  Office should be back together in a few weeks!  (I hope!!)

I realize this posting is a day ahead of the usual weekly posting, but I didn't feel right updating something fun on Sept. 11th. Please keep the men and women who died, and their families & friends, in your thoughts today.  As always, thanks for looking.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Using CTMH's new Alcohol Markers

You might not be interested in the project itself, but take note of how Brian is coloring the image.  Remember, he states he used the new pigment ink to stamp the image since pigment ink won't run or bleed when using these markers.  Good to know, thanks for the tip Brian!

P.S.  As you read this, I am back at school.  Today is the first day, wish me luck!  Kids return tomorrow - here's to hoping I have great kids this year!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Custom Color Ribbon: Color Ready Seam Binding Ribbon

Ever run out of the color ribbon you need?  Not anymore!  CTMH's color ready seam binding ribbon transforms to what ever color you want.  All you need is some ink & a dauber - or better yet, a reinker & spray bottle!  Take a look to see how it's done!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Stepping Up Your Stamping: A CTMH Tutorial!

For those of you that aren't sure about stamping, this one's for you!

One year later, almost the same issues

It seems I haven't posted in a year. Oddly enough, this time last year we were waiting for Irene, anticipating yet another basement flood. As it turns out, we made it through Irene fairly well with that. Of course, we lost power for 6 days while people 7 houses away did not. As I recall, it was not exactly an awesome end to my summer vacation. A year later, my office is recovering from a flood that happened - twice - on the first day of summer vacation. After a crappy job installing a sump pump and leaving my floor 2.25 inches higher on one side than the other, the end is in sight. In 3 weeks I should have a new, level floor and then, with a little luck, a nice, new, vinyl plank floor. This has started the basement renovation, so at least if my office had to flood, it kicked us in the butt to get moving on making it a nice, open space suitable for entertaining. But again, not an awesome end to summer. This has left almost no chance for scrapbooking (everything is in boxes.) I did manage a weekend crop with my SCS Pal Liz...which was fun with her and her pal...but overall totally sucked as a crop experience. I also managed to get to my first CKC and took 7 classes, 6 of which were amazing. Here's to a peaceful school year to all - especially me - and the hope that I update this more than once a year.