Tuesday, March 8, 2011

St. Baldrick's Update!

Just a quick update on Nicholas' fundraising efforts. As os this post, he is just $5 shy of his $500 goal. His team has raised almost $7700 as of this post, far surpassing their original team goal of $5000.

Their young heads get shaved on Sunday. If you have not yet donated but would like to, see the blog post 2 prior to this one for all the details. If you have already donated to this worthy cause, a big thank you from Nicholas (and his proud aunt.) :)

I chuckled to myself...

...as I was looking for a layout I made a while back and came across this one.

I was so excited that day - a rare (and coveted) snow day, oodles of snow, and Mike off to enjoy it with. Some of the worst snow storms I remember through the years have come in March, so it was no surprise that we got walloped with this storm. If you told me on March 2, 2009 that the winter of 2010-2011 would make this Nor'easter look like a walk in the park I would have been quick to point out that you were, clearly, on drugs.

And how wrong I would have been.

I think I'll go find the layout of my straight-from-Holland tulips now. It was in the 50s when I left work today, so maybe we'll escape March unscathed this year.