Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I passed!!

"Are you crazy? 400 markers times $7 a marker!" Well, yes, it seems I am. 

For starters, I own all the Spectrum Noir markers. Now, to be fair, I bought those at CKC last year (and the new ones this year) because they were cheaper & I thought they would be the same. Sadly, they are not. BUT, I can use them to somewhat practice my skills even if they are not really the same. And so, I have come up with a plan. That's me, always finding a loophole. 

Birthday is coming, anniversary is coming, Christmas is coming...announcement family, I would like markers. 2 at a time, 3 at a time, cash to spend on the markers...that's my new plan. They're tired of buying me Dept. 56 & say there's "nothing" to buy me because I don't need anything? Well, here you go people! You won't be running out of options this way. (Not that I NEED these.) I will give a list of colors, a set of websites, and have my Dad sniff out the best prices. I may even get good about it & send each a different list of colors. 

It's a plan. Time will tell if it's a good one.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Copic Certification, here I come (if I pass, that is!)

I've been meaning to take classes in using alcohol markers since they came out.  Until last year, I had resisted the fad, in case it was just one if those uber expensive passing things in crafts.  It's a year, I found 3 little classes, a couple of tips but nothing overwhelmingly helpful.  Early last month I did a search & found that Copic was running its Beginner & Intermediate certification classes... this week about 45-60 min away.  (That's Long Island-speak for less than 20 miles.).  Copic also stated they don't return to the same area twice, so it was now or never.  While I know I won't walk out as Picasso I'm hoping I learn to use my markers (don't tell the instructor but I own a different brand. Shhhhh...)

Anyone ever take these classes? What am I in for?

I've never been stressed out over a coloring class before!