Thursday, August 25, 2011

Up & running!

No, not me. I'm busy battening down the hatches waiting for Irene, and hoping my basement (aka office, scrap area, scrap storage area) doesn't flood. Again. Any fast, hard, tropical rain means at least a wet rug...and this sounds like it could lead more to Lake Ramo than a wet rug. I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, our new Meetup group has launched! If you live on Long Island and want to meet up with a bunch of fun, somewhat crazy girls who like to scrap, stamp, make cards, laugh, and snack...we're the group for you! Here's the address:

Unfortunately, it's really only for people from Long Island. The goal is to actually meet people, which is difficult if you aren't local!

So, if western Suffolk isn't "way out east" or "too far west" for you, join us! There's no membership fee!

More soon on those layouts from the weekend crop.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Layouts galore...if all goes according to plan.

"Summer vacation" always seems so long to my parent-friends. I don't know why. July flys by, before you know it a week of August is also gone, and in just a few short weeks school starts again. I can't imagine where my July went, and now I need to start thinking about finding my school notes and lessons.

But not just yet.

I'm attending a weekend crop before school starts up, so I have been kitting layouts and printing pictures the last 2 days, getting ready for my marathon. I'm going to try to make up for the layouts for classes lost in the now-infamous kitchen & basement flood we had a few months back. I'm going to start regular layout classes again in the Fall and would like to get all of the samples done before school starts. OK, maybe not all...but a really solid dent will be helpful. That's my goal.

Of course, I'm cheating. I'm recreating layouts in past CTMH Idea Books, WOTG kits (which I never actually do, I just order them for the exclusive stamp sets!), and layouts from other books my scrap-pal and enabler friend Debbie told me about. Thanks Debbie - let's hope they help us get some layouts done!

I have made a few cards in the interim after totally misunderstanding - twice - what a friend asked about. I'll get photos and post those as well.

I hope you have spent some summer hours crafting! Until next time, thanks for looking!