Thursday, June 9, 2011

No one CASEs better than me!

Last year some of the girls & I decided we would do 5 Christmas cards per month and get a jump start things. We were good, too - we did it every month, and when we had to skip a month we did 2 sets of 5 the next month (2 different cards.) This year time got away from me & life got in the way - so I decided to do a Christmas in July. 5 different cards, 5 of each card. I went online to see what others had done with the holiday sets I have, and CASEd 4 of them ranging from 90% to 25%. The 5th card - that one is all mine. Well, all mine based on a sketch in a CTMH card sketch book...but still. :) The sneak peak is above - thank you to the very talented people I was led to by Google image search for the stamps sets I used. Your work is amazing!

If you're local (I'm in Suffolk COunty, Long Island) and interested in joining us, the cost is $25, and you go home with 25 cards. Daytime class is 7/14 at 10:30 am; evening class is 7/15 at 7 pm. Alternate dates and times may be available, but payment is due by 6/14 vi Paypal. Interested? Email me!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

OMG...I AM a hoarder!

For roughly 2 years now, Mike has encouraged me to watch episodes of "Hoarders." I tend to watch them with "Intervention" (for the therapy part, not because I have an additiction to anything other than scrapbook supplies.) Turns out, he was on to something.

I never considered myself a Hoarder because I can throw things out (since we moved into the house, anyway.) He he should talk. Thursday I came to the realization that I may, in fact, be a Hoarder. Forget the massive scrapbook garage sale I had last August, the amount of supplies I still have, and all of those other classic signs. Thursday I started making a scrapbook for a friend...and couldn't get started. Mike thought I ran out of Mojo or ideas. Nope. I couldn't bear to think of cutting into the paper I have. Why? What if I use it all? Much of it is CTMH and retired, and what if I NEED that exact design or color 3 years from now for a layout? Doesn't every scrapbooker have this same fear? After the obligatory "you're a crack head" response to my foolish verbal admission, a chours of "hoarDER! hoarDER!" rang through my head.

Today I am waiting for Round 2 with Sears and my new fridge. While I'm waiting, I am cutting into that paper so I can prove that I am not the hoarder in this house. Wish me luck.