Saturday, December 30, 2017

New Year, Let's Try This Again!

In keeping with the promise to myself to craft more this year, I bought a planner to keep me honest & focused. I'm not a fan of planners, though I do set all kinds of reminders in my phone because otherwise I'd forget all those "other" things I'm supposed to do! This is for classes I'm setting up, crops I'm setting up, and FB posts here so I don't go AWOL for 8 months again. Help keep me honest in this quest by following along, posting your comments & own artwork, and come by for some crafting-for-charity if you're local & free on the days posted in the FB group (though I will also always post them here. Local to Long Island? Join us over on the Scrapbook Gals of Long Island FB Group for all of the events, classes, & networking for Long Island Gals like us! (Crafty Guys welcome, too!!!) 

Let's hope I figured out "scheduled posts" correctly! 

Ready for 2018? 

Let's get crafty together!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

How do you store your stamps?

Last year, I started a new-ish system. Years ago stored them in CD cases (like I know many of us did), but my room design changed & I was running out of room, plus not all sets conveniently fit in the little case.) Using that same idea, I bought a bunch of Heartfelt Creation stamp panels & I was lucky enough to have them sell me the clear cases (I needed a lot of them.) While it took a while to get it going, and I am just catching up on everything I bought since last summer 😲, I think it might work. It has in the year since I did it, anyway. I number each box, I have a picture in an album that has the same number on it, and everything is stored in numerical order. The binder categories posed a bigger challenge I want to be specific, but not crazy. I chose to make categories for Heartfelt Creations, Background Stamps, Nature, Fall, Spring, Winter, Summer, Alphabets & Sentiments, Embellishments, Ephemera, Flourishes & Borders, Kids & Sports. Sometimes I make 2 copies - if there are sentiments with flowers, for example, I put a copy in Nature as well as Sentiments. I am at the end and, as usual, I have random pictures left with no stamps, and stamp with no pictures. It has taken me the better part of 3 days but I think the end is in sight. I used a D-ring album, 12x12 white cardstock (I used CTMH White Daisy because it is very sturdy) & CTMH page protectors because they, too, are very sturdy & can stand up to the wear & tear on the album. I could have gone with cheaper protector, but then I'd just end up replacing them sooner rather than later.
My CTMH sets all go in CTMH boxes. I'll tell you about those another time, but their pictures do go into the binder, in the categories described above.
How do you organize your stamps? I'd love to know!