Sunday, December 5, 2010

How is it possible...

that I'm STILL sick. We're going on a month here people, and I am still not well. :( I do feel better since being on the steroids, but by "better" I mean about as great as I did 3 weeks ago. That wasn't so hot, but at least I could function. I'm told I won't be feeling "well" until January at the earliest. Humbug.

To make matters worse, Mike may be coming down with something. I've been told one of us has to leave if he does. I vote for him. ;)

Hope everyone is busy creating some nice cards and things for the holidays! I got 3/4 of my cards sent out, just a few more to finish making and then several more to address. Will share next time.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Still not dry...

You probably have a group of scrap friends just like mine. One of us sees seomthing new, she tell us about it (posting on FB, our Group site, etc.)...and the rest of us squeal with delight and pledge to buy it RIGHT NOW off the Internet. I will be the first to admit, I generally lead the charge and am never the voice of reason. Never.

A friend posted a new punch item many weeks ago now, and the ooooo's and ahhhhh's started up right away. Clearly I was coming down with something even then, because I found myself posting "you really don't need that, you can do the same thing with Nesties." I could hardly believe my own eyes. Was that my name next to that post? Had I actually said I didn't need something new? That's just crazy talk.

But alas, 'twas me. And to prove my point, I actually broke out some Nesties and made a card. But then I took it a step further, and then one more. I stamped on acetate, colored with Sharpies, used my Liquid Glass, embossed with a Cutttlebug folder, and even colored over those embossed flakes with a glitter pen. But it still didn't look right...and then I remembered...white craft ink. So I colored this little guy on the back with the ink, and voila:

So here's the catch. I made this card on October 13th. The craft ink is still tacky. I tried a heat gun (but it didn't agree with the acetate.) Seriously...I could still grab some embossing powders and they would work just fine. I literally just touched it again and, yep, still not dry...

As always, thanks for stopping by! Please be sure to leave your blog address for me so I can check out your work as I find time to troll the blog scene!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

So much for the grand plan

I was doing well with my weekly posts. I had them set up, ready to run on Thursdays. Then came progress reports, my birthday, Halloween (a big deal in this house!), and Mike's "other hobby" in the Fall. Add an injury (from stupidity), two illnesses, a sick husband, a family dinner, and 4 days home sick from work and you blog updates.

I am upright & awake for the second day in a row, so that's promising. The meds the Doc insisted on giving me seem to be making me worse (or just not working) - should have insisted on my tried and true antibiotic despite her objections. May be heading back there to get the good stuff yet...

I do have a few things to share and will post them soon. For now, I'm busy dealing with 2 of the side effects of this medication - confusion & a swollen tongue. This is important to note because Mike "insists" he marreid me for my benefits & insurance plans. (He's kidding. Mostly.) He gets nothing if I die under suspicious circumstances, I made sure of that. His new theory (or maybe idea)? If I fall down the stairs to my office because I am "confused" and can't yell for help because of a "swollen tongue" he gets it all...because that is not suspicious. It was "medically ordered."

Good thing he's away or I'd really have to watch my back for the next 7 days. ;)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

For those of you who are local... you know that a bunch of us get together on a regular basis to stamp, scrap, and generally have a good time? Well, we do!! I am the Organizer for one of the longest-running Scrapbook & Stamping groups on Long Island. We have all ages and ability levels and, of course, lots of different product favorites! We have card classes, layotu classes, techniques classes, and plain, old fashioned "crops" in my "cave."

Interested in making some new crafty friends or seeing what we're about? Join us! There's a free membership option so there's no obligation - hope you'll check us out at:

Speaking of having fun with our group, here's another card I made using Judy's stash that same night I posted about last week. CTMH design from Wishes/Originals using all SU! products. What do you think?

I hope you'll check us out if live on Long Island! As always, thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Always the rule-breaker ;)

I went to my pal & SU! Demo (excuse me, Supervisor) extraordinaire Judy's house to get inky on World Card Making Day. Of course, I had a hefty bag of tools and basics and card bases...but no paper. I had my CTMH How-To books with me and created this card using SU! products. Yes, I much for a CTMH posting. Those How-To books work with ALL products, not just CTMH's. They're great for using up your stash. Or in this case, Judy's stash.

I did manage to make a couple of cards that night, which is a real feat for me. I have no creativity, I'm a CASEr for sure. Good thing I have those books...

As always, thanks for looking! (Please leave me your blog address so I can check out your work, too!!)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Christmas already?

Tomorrow evening I have a few friends coming over for my last Monthly Holiday Card Workshop of 2010. While I was unable to keep up with my 5 cards at each workshop, I do have way more now than I did this time last year...and the pieces ready to go of all those I didn't get to do. A request was made for 2 cards this month to cover November as well (we make 5 identical cards, so this would be 5 cards of 2 different designs.) I am half way done with the second card, but here is the first:

Here is a better view of the insert:

Supplies: CTMH Mistletoe Creative Basics kit, St. Nick stamp set, Colonial White ribbon, New England Ivy cardstock, New England Ivy ink, Cranberry Marker, Liquid Glass, Texture Tools, Edge Distresser; circle punch, Sizzix Big Shot, SU! Top Note die.

I used Liquid Glass on the berries both on the outisde of the card and on the insert. I'm not very good at getting it perfect, but I thought it needed a little something and this is what I came up with.

I'm considering changing that circle to Cranberry CS...what do you think?
As always, thanks for looking!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

As promised... is the folder I made for the cards I posted last week. My SCS Misfit pal Nikki gets the credit for this inspiration - and huge thanks for the directions!

Here it is closed:

and opened:

Supplies: CTMH: Colonial White CS, Whisper White CS, Tulip CS, Liquid Glass, Tulip marker, Creme Brulee marker, Staz-On Jet Black ink pad; Velcro, Sizzix embossing folder, SU! corner punch, pop dot.

I liked the Velcro better than ribbon because the folders stayed shut. No ribbon to come untied or get all wrinkled. Everyone seemed to like them (or at least told me they did, lol!), so I was glad I spent the time & effort making them.

In case you were wondering, I am happy to report everyone in my new building has been really great - helpful, nice, supportive...and it is my pleasure to be with them.

What do you think?

As always, thanks for looking!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Being the "new girl" again

I unexpectedly started this school year in "the other building." The HS I teach in is one "complex" but really is two high schools connected by a central lobby area. For most teachers, there is little interaction with those on the other side during the day. That meant I was leaving behind the building in which I started my teaching career more than a decade ago and not seeing old friends daily. Literally, I could take nothing with me unless I personally owned & paid for 100% of the item. It also meant making friends all over again, getting to know where eveything is, and getting comfortable in my new surroundings. While not new to the HS, I was the new girl in this building all over again.

I set my mind on making a small token gesture for each of the secretaries and a few others. I decided on a few cards (because who doesn't need an "any occassion" card at work from time to time?), and put them in a folder inspired by a gift from my SCS pal Nikki last year.

Here are the cards:

Supplies: CTMH: Perfect Day Level 2 Kit, From Me To You stamp set, Authentic stamp set, Tulip ink, Tulip & Creme Brulee markers, Tulip cardstock, sanding block, Liquid Glass, Staz-On Jet Black; Other: stitches stamp, pop dots, Sizzix embossing folder.
I stamped the flowers on White Daisy with Staz-On, colored the center "dots" with Creme Brulee, the petals in Tulip, and cut out with microtip scissors. Once cut, I covered the centers with a thick layer of Liquid Glass and let it set for many hours. Once dry, I lightly bent the petals up & pop-dotted it onto the card. One the right, I ran Tulip CS through a Sizzix folder (similar to but larger than CB Swiss Dots) and lightly gave it a swipe with my sanding block. I could fit 4 cards with envelopes into the folders I made.
"Where are the folders?" you ask? Ahhh...tune in next week to see them!! Mean, I know. But I need to pace my posts since I'm not getting too much "me" time to create something to post so need to be a little miserly with what I've got! Next Thursday...promise!
As always, thanks for looking!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Christmas Card Holder

This was one of the first CTMH projects I attempted after beoming a Consultant. It's hte CTMH Memory Keeper. I wanted a box to store my finished Christmas cards in each month, determined that this box would keep me on track with the 5 per month (it has.) It wasn't by greatest achievement but it didn't turn out too badly...did it?

Here's a little tip if you ever order the Memory Keeper. It's apparently a big fat secret, so lean in closer. I have to whisper it. The corners have adhesive under the wax paper. Pry the paper off to reveal, then stick the box together, literally. This would have been wonderful and useful information when I constructed the above masterpiece. There are no directions, I looked online to see how others glued the back panel to the flaps - there was nothing. For the record, I did try peeling off what I thought might be paper, but it wouldn't budge and I didn't want to ruin the box before getting started. I took out some CTMH bonding glue, added some Club Scrap glue, glued the &*^% out of it, and put it in a makeshift vice for a couple of hours. Since it worked, I repeated it on the other side. I mentioned it in passing to my upline, which is when I found out that paper did, indeed, come off and there was adhesive under there to keep the box together.

I may not be creative, but I do tend to be resourceful. Mike would say it comes from being devious. He could be right . ; )

As always, thanks for looking!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A little overdue

The garage sale was a HUGE success, thank you to everyone who showed up and gave my neglected stuff a new & (hopefully) loving home!

I made this card as a "Bonus card" for my monthly Christmas Card workshop. I try have one of these per workshop, not Christmas related, but I have noticed that unless I can copy something I just can't make it. No creativity. Not good when you're a crafter. Thank God for those CTMH books!! Here was the bonus card for August:

Supplies: CTMH products - Twilight CS, Whispter White CS, Cocoa CS, Enjoy Every Moment stamp set, Twilight ink, watercolor pencils, blender pen, stipple brush.

What do you think?

School has started so I'll be busy getting lessons together for the class I haven't taught in 9 years. I did make some little gifts for the secretaries in my new building (I was moved out of my classroom and original building as of this year) - I'll post those creations soon! I'm half way there since I already took photos!

As always, thanks for looking!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Scrap & Stamp Yard Sale!

No joke people - I have to move stuff out of my busting office. Every year, right around this time, that back-to-school bug bites me and it fuels a massive office clean out. It amazes me that for the 3rd year I still have bin upon bin of stuff I don't use. Since becoming a CTMH Consultant I tend to use mainly their products. I'm not giving up my SU! stuff, but did I really need to buy every Studio G release? No, it turns out, I did not.

Like a good sale? Enjoy the thrill of the hunt? Want to see if Mike really did call the Intervention AND Hoarder show people he continues to threaten me with or...much worse...Clean Sweep? Come by my place on Saturday, 8/28, from 10 am - 4 pm to find out. If it rains we'll be in the basement. (There are 2-3 of us total doing this together.)

Leave me a comment with your email if you need my address (or email me directly.) FYI - I'm on Long Island.

Products for sale include: paper, embossing plates, totes, stickers, hundreds of stamps, ink pads, glitter, Glimmer Mist, I could go on and on. Companies include SU!, CTMH, MM, CM, DCWV, Basic get the point I think.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Here's a little sneak peak...

of CTMH's new Mistletoe papers. I am behind on my goal of 5 Christmas cards per month despite actually holding these workshops. I need to focus on getting my own cards finished from each of them before the school year starts again (and who can believe tha's in less than a mnth now??) But I digress...

Here is the July card, modified from a template out of Wishes or Original:

Recipe: CTMH Papers: Garden Green, CTMH Mistletoe (Autumn 2010 Idea Book); Inks: CTMG Garden Green, Cranberry, Sunflower marker; CTMH Stamp: Holiday Jingle; Generic: White papr, card base, pop dots.

Simple to do. We did make 5 of a different ard to make up for missing a month during the summer, and 1 bonus card was also made. I'm spacing them out to post them since I'll be very busy for the next few weeks. In fact, I'm am waaaay behind on cleaning out & up my craft space & office, so I need to get moving.

As always, thanks for stopping by!

(P.S. If you live in the area and want a fun group to scrap, stamp, or take classes with, check out my CTMH website for what's going on!)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

H-U-G-E CTMH "Clearance Sale"...

is going on right now. My Stickease are $2 (regularly $4.95, some were even $8.95!), Level 1 packs are just $4 (reg. price $10.95), and Level 2 packs are only $6 (normally $12.95.) The sites were all very slow this morning but the issue seems to have been fixed (have patience if you run into this situation...these prices are worth it!!) The sale goes through 8/11 but all items are "while supplies last." A decent 1/3 of the items are already sold out. Those still available are the only ones listed under the promotion. Want to see if your fave is more than 50% off? Click on that photo of the Idea Book to your right - the one woith the adorable red head on the cover! Once on my site, click Shop Online (left menu), then the "$2, 4, 6, 8" area underneath it.

Between the retiring list and this sale I am glad I was able to snatch up some of my favorite paper packs this morning. Unless there is some repackaging going on, we're in for a lot fewer choices until February rolls around...but wait until you see how great the Fall IB chocies are!! Don't have a Consultant and need a new Idea Book? Leave me a comment with your email address or email me directly!

As always, thanks for looking!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just call me Julie...

While swapping cards at the CTMH Mix & Mingle event at Convention I ran into someone who exclaimed "I saw this card! I read your blog!" I was shocked, to say the least! It came on the heels of an ongoing, umm, "discussion" between Mike & me about blogging. More specifically, about anyone reading my blog (because it turns out even some long-time friends didn't know I had one.)

As you can imagine, I was very excited! Despite being on roaming since I left NY (for reasons unknown) I called Mike right after this happened and blurted out "I have a reader!!" After I explained what happened in a coherent manner and without that shrill voice he loves so much, Mike laughed at me. Literally.

And then called me Julie. As in the movie "Julie & Julia." You can probably guess what my response was. So, add "Julie" to the list of names he now (mockingly) calls me when I am crafting.

Huge waves & hugs to Janelle for recognizing my card at Convention! (I hope it was better in person than it looked on here!!) You really made my night at the Mix & Mingle - THANK YOU!!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


No, not me. I wish. Not Mike either. He wishes. Eight of CTMH's current colors are being retired, so if any of them are your favorites or "go to's" you'll want to start ordering your paper, etc. (You can do this via the link to my website if you choose.) Once a color is retired, it is "while supplies last." I always recommend purchasing a reinker if you already have the stamp pad, that way you can continue to use the color for quite some time for stamping, coloring images, etc..

The retirees are: Ocean, Watermelon, Clover Meadow, Hydrangea, Orange, Star Spangled Blue, Citrus Leaf, and Bubblegum.

The new colors are FANTASTIC! I have to say, I love them! Sneak peaks coming as soon as I make something. (We all know what that means..."don't hold your breath," lol!!)

As always, thanks for looking!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Drum roll please.....

I did it! I finally finished all 80 of my swap cards. I am now thinking I don't have enough, but I am out of the photo corners and, more importantly, time. I was told that the cards "should" have layers, an embellishment, use new(er) products, should not contain anything already retired, and shows at least one technique. Then there was straight cuts, straight stamping, neither of which I do well. And so, I present to you my very first CTMH Convention 2010 Swap Card:

Recipe: CTMH - Passages B&T; Desert Sand & Barn Red CS; Cocoa, Barn Red, & Versamark Inks; Antique Copper Brads & Mini Medley corners; Live Inspired (I think) stamp set; Originals template, adapted; Clear Detail Embossing Powder; EK Success border punch. I used heat embossing and the "ghosting" technique from the Wishes book as my technique(s.) This sample used UTEE, the detail worked much better!

So...what do you think? Bad photo, I know, but do you think it will get a decent review from the swap snobs? Mind you, this is also my first "real" swap. Tell me...I can take it!!

Thanks to the stifling heat I will be heading to Lancaster, PA for a little supply shopping at some of my favorite Amish & Mennonite stores there, then head down to DC. Keeps me out of the sun, frees up some time on the way back for stops elsewhere.

I'll report back the week after Convention. Hope to learn new things to share!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lesson of the Day...

If you are a 10th grader - or more - sitting in my Global class and I repeatedly tell you to learn Stalin since, say, January because "you'll need him for the Regents," you might want to listen. Same if I tell you that about Mao starting in February. And when I describe how "versatile" they are for Regents essays you might want to pay attention. That outline I'll give you about how to get the highest essay score when using Stalin and Mao for your essay topic, if you can use might want to read it.

For example: on TODAY'S Regents Exam one of the essays was on leaders and changes they created in a society. Hummmmm...sounds vaguely familiar...

The other essay was on Geography and it's affect on societies, which I correctly guessed and told them to learn. I could not predict it being limited to monsoons, cold climates, and deserts, but it's a DBQ so they had significant help. (I don't get the concept of a DBQ essay yet, to me it defeats the purpose of writing an essay.)

I did see a lot of Stalin, not so much about Mao. Most wrote the 3 pages I require of them, so they might have a fighting chance yet. I'll have the resutls Friday afternoon. I'll keep you posted. Fingers crossed please!!

After that, it's back to crafting. WOO HOO!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The most wonderful time of the year... upon us! Well, upon me anyway. Sorry to all you parents of school-aged kiddos, but the year is almost over. If you teach HS in NY like I do, you have less than 5 days of classes left, a few days of finals, then Regents begin. Hence the lack of activity on the ol' blog. I can't access blogs at work, and I am at work for 3.5 hour review sessions with 30 kids (no joke!) 2+ days per week after school. The Global H & G Regents Exam is June 15th at Noon. Light a candle for them. Make that a few candles. And for me, too, because I have 5 reviews to go, the night before being a 7.5 hour marathon review session. AND I get to deal with all the garbage that makes my job sooooo much fun (which has nothing to do with the kids.) But only for 4 more days of classes, 3 days of finals, 1 half day of classes, 7 days of Regents, & 2 Rating Days. Thats a mere 17 days until my already-packed summer vacation begins and I get to wear my Lady of Leisure crown once more.

Bear with me until the craziness ends. :) That's only 13 calendar days away.

Now...where's that crown??? (Yes, there really is a crown.)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Quick, simple, and a little bling!

I also do one "bonus card" at my monthly Christmas card class. I have been trying to use the scraps from the CTMH Level 2 kits I used for albums, layouts, etc. The original card I CASEd is in Wishes or Originals, I forget which. I tweaked it a little to meet my needs, added a little bling, and voila!

I actually like it (this is rare for me!) In fact, I liked it so much I pulled out a few other "scrap packs" and made several more. I needed a few birthday cards anyway and I thought they were nice enough to send out. Simple, but nice.

What do you think?
As always, thanks for looking!
~ Denise

Friday, April 30, 2010

Christmas in April...

Some SCS friends (Hi Girls!!) have a monthly challenge to complete 5 Christmas cards per month so we're in decent shape come December. They can be the same or not. Let's face it, the assembly line method is my friend. I try for a different card each month, but I do 5 or more of them. I completed these tonight, just under the wire for April's "deadline."
CTMH products: Jingle B&T papers, Tulip ink, Tulip chalk, Creme Brulee CS, Juniper CS.
Sentiment: Unknown.

What do you think?

As always, thanks for looking!

~ Denise

Friday, April 23, 2010

Finally, a layout!

Mike told me to "pick any place (you) want to go" when we were talking about honeymoons before our wedding. After a few minutes of thought I settled on Rome (did I mention that I'm spolied, lol?!) This Cherish layout was perfect for an "overview." The papers are from several companies but not CTMH. I think the new Passages papers & coordinating stamps are screaming for me to print some more photos from this adventure!

To be honest, I think I could do it better with CTMH products, but it didn't turn out too badly. What do you think?

As always, thanks for looking!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tile Coasters

Any HS teacher in NY will tell you that late April starts the "final push" toward the Regents Exams. My review goes into full swing starting tomorrow. Getting ready has kept me busy, left me no time to be creative, and forced me to neglect my poor blog.

I made this as gifts for people at work, some family, and a few friends this past Christmas. The butterfiles are a retired CTMH set, the script is SU!.

I'll try to have something newly created to share next time! As always, thanks for lookinng!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"I'm a little jealous"

This is how Mike responded to me listing the various days that I would be at scrap events this month. They're always on Friday nights, and I have 3 events to attend monthly. One is not mine, and I don't like to miss it. One is my monthly Christmas Card club, and even he agrees I can't skip that. One is a monthly layout "class" at my place. And every other month I go to a 4th event. Friday used to be "date night." He has a valid point about my "yenta schedule," as he would call it!

In response, I have revised the monthly layout "class." I think it's better for everyone. It's $20, and for that you get a CTMH Level II paper pack of your choice, a template for 6 layouts, and a cutting guide to make those layouts as shown. Everything is delivered to your door/email. Every few months the local gals can get together over here and "finish those layouts!" Cuts down on Fridays I'm booked, cuts down on finding a sitter so often, and allows everyone to pick the pack(s) that suits their own styles. There's a new set of templates each month with a cutting guide specific to them, you can participate when you want - it isn't a "club" so there are no obligations. You can order the extra embellishments for the pack (additonal cost)...or not.

What do you think?

(BTW, since the CTMH order is sent right to you you don't have to be local to if you ever feel like joining in just send me an email and I'll give you the details you'll need!)

As always, thanks for looking! Hope to have a creation to share next time!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's never too early to get started!

Some of my SCS friends participate in a monthly Christmas card challenge - make 5 Christnas cards per month so you're not scrambling in December. I've never made it past February, but this year I'm determined to stay the course. So far, so good. Here is the card I "designed" for March, my first all-CTMH card!

CTMH: Jingle paper; CS: Tulip, White; Stamp: Magical Season; Markers: Tulip, Juniper, Black, & Sunny; Prisma Glitter. Other items used: Staz-On Jet Black Ink, Nestabilities, Quickie Glue pen, pop dots.

I don't profess to be a great card maker but I like the way this came out!

Thanks for stopping by!

Here goes nothing!

And so it begins...

At the urging of some friends I have started a blog in the hopes of keeping my creative juices flowing and sharing the many wonderful CTMH products I love to use! Thanks to all for encouraging me to do this!