Sunday, April 3, 2011

My little corner of doom... hard to pinpoint at the moment. Is it the "work corner," where teachers continue to get bashed and mistreated, with things in constant change this month? Is it the "illness corner," with this virus that keeps coming back with a vengeance? Is it the "kitchen corner," with the flood that left me laughing - not in a good way - at the supposed insurance we have been paying for just in case something like this happened? How about the "emotional corner," where we have experienced several deaths in just as many weeks? I think I have to vote for the "basement corner." Why? In the kitchen flood mentioned above the water came cascading down from under the sink and into the basement. Ceiling tiles collapsed everywhere. Water stains on lots of walls. Flooded out finished area of the basement, flooded entry into my office. That's not the bad part. The bad part is these ceiling tiles collapsed on my camera, 36 scrapbook layouts I had just done (24 of them for a class), lots of new scrapbook paper, a few stamp sets, 7 Glue Glider Pro refills, 2 trimmers, several rolls of glue dots, sponges, pouncers, ink pads., 200 sheets of oak tag, 2 boxes of ink jet trans[arencies, notebooks, looseleaf paper..and a good portion of 12 years of school prepping I have done and honed over the years. Guess what the insurance company thinks all of that is worth, including my one-step-below-an-SLR camera that is not quite 2 years old. Guess. C'mon. $501.00 They also think I can rip up and replace replace my sub & kitchen floors, plus both pantries and entry area, for $884.00. I went shopping yesterday. Yeah...not so much on the $884 replacement, not that I was surprised. So you'll forgive me if I have nothing to share just yet, again. I did, but it is currently in a soggy heap in an landfill somewhere.