Thursday, September 16, 2010

Christmas Card Holder

This was one of the first CTMH projects I attempted after beoming a Consultant. It's hte CTMH Memory Keeper. I wanted a box to store my finished Christmas cards in each month, determined that this box would keep me on track with the 5 per month (it has.) It wasn't by greatest achievement but it didn't turn out too badly...did it?

Here's a little tip if you ever order the Memory Keeper. It's apparently a big fat secret, so lean in closer. I have to whisper it. The corners have adhesive under the wax paper. Pry the paper off to reveal, then stick the box together, literally. This would have been wonderful and useful information when I constructed the above masterpiece. There are no directions, I looked online to see how others glued the back panel to the flaps - there was nothing. For the record, I did try peeling off what I thought might be paper, but it wouldn't budge and I didn't want to ruin the box before getting started. I took out some CTMH bonding glue, added some Club Scrap glue, glued the &*^% out of it, and put it in a makeshift vice for a couple of hours. Since it worked, I repeated it on the other side. I mentioned it in passing to my upline, which is when I found out that paper did, indeed, come off and there was adhesive under there to keep the box together.

I may not be creative, but I do tend to be resourceful. Mike would say it comes from being devious. He could be right . ; )

As always, thanks for looking!

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  1. Denise, you are so funny. I'll have to remember your tip if I ever make one of these boxes. It came out great in spite of your adhesive problems. Love it!


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