Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The most wonderful time of the year... upon us! Well, upon me anyway. Sorry to all you parents of school-aged kiddos, but the year is almost over. If you teach HS in NY like I do, you have less than 5 days of classes left, a few days of finals, then Regents begin. Hence the lack of activity on the ol' blog. I can't access blogs at work, and I am at work for 3.5 hour review sessions with 30 kids (no joke!) 2+ days per week after school. The Global H & G Regents Exam is June 15th at Noon. Light a candle for them. Make that a few candles. And for me, too, because I have 5 reviews to go, the night before being a 7.5 hour marathon review session. AND I get to deal with all the garbage that makes my job sooooo much fun (which has nothing to do with the kids.) But only for 4 more days of classes, 3 days of finals, 1 half day of classes, 7 days of Regents, & 2 Rating Days. Thats a mere 17 days until my already-packed summer vacation begins and I get to wear my Lady of Leisure crown once more.

Bear with me until the craziness ends. :) That's only 13 calendar days away.

Now...where's that crown??? (Yes, there really is a crown.)


  1. Denise..keep pressing on... only 16 days to go!!

  2. LOL I may be a parent, but I'm glad the school year is over. I'm looking forward to having some time with my kiddos. I don't care what people might say, teenagers can be pretty awesome! Good luck with everything. I look forward to seeing what you create when it's all over with. :)


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