Saturday, June 4, 2011

OMG...I AM a hoarder!

For roughly 2 years now, Mike has encouraged me to watch episodes of "Hoarders." I tend to watch them with "Intervention" (for the therapy part, not because I have an additiction to anything other than scrapbook supplies.) Turns out, he was on to something.

I never considered myself a Hoarder because I can throw things out (since we moved into the house, anyway.) He he should talk. Thursday I came to the realization that I may, in fact, be a Hoarder. Forget the massive scrapbook garage sale I had last August, the amount of supplies I still have, and all of those other classic signs. Thursday I started making a scrapbook for a friend...and couldn't get started. Mike thought I ran out of Mojo or ideas. Nope. I couldn't bear to think of cutting into the paper I have. Why? What if I use it all? Much of it is CTMH and retired, and what if I NEED that exact design or color 3 years from now for a layout? Doesn't every scrapbooker have this same fear? After the obligatory "you're a crack head" response to my foolish verbal admission, a chours of "hoarDER! hoarDER!" rang through my head.

Today I am waiting for Round 2 with Sears and my new fridge. While I'm waiting, I am cutting into that paper so I can prove that I am not the hoarder in this house. Wish me luck.

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  1. OMG!!! I'm not the only one out there that has the same fear as me. I have no problem use my paper & embellishment for my layouts but when it come to me making a layout for someone else I panic and I worry about what if I use all of it on them and won't have any for me later. My biggest fear is when friends or family come over and scrapbook with me and they use MY STUFF!!! So I have a different area in my scrapbook room of paper & embellishment for them to use and I freak out when they start looking through my things.

    Just remember count to ten and take it easy.
    Sending luck your way!!!


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