Saturday, November 20, 2010

So much for the grand plan

I was doing well with my weekly posts. I had them set up, ready to run on Thursdays. Then came progress reports, my birthday, Halloween (a big deal in this house!), and Mike's "other hobby" in the Fall. Add an injury (from stupidity), two illnesses, a sick husband, a family dinner, and 4 days home sick from work and you blog updates.

I am upright & awake for the second day in a row, so that's promising. The meds the Doc insisted on giving me seem to be making me worse (or just not working) - should have insisted on my tried and true antibiotic despite her objections. May be heading back there to get the good stuff yet...

I do have a few things to share and will post them soon. For now, I'm busy dealing with 2 of the side effects of this medication - confusion & a swollen tongue. This is important to note because Mike "insists" he marreid me for my benefits & insurance plans. (He's kidding. Mostly.) He gets nothing if I die under suspicious circumstances, I made sure of that. His new theory (or maybe idea)? If I fall down the stairs to my office because I am "confused" and can't yell for help because of a "swollen tongue" he gets it all...because that is not suspicious. It was "medically ordered."

Good thing he's away or I'd really have to watch my back for the next 7 days. ;)


  1. That's too funny Denise!! (I mean the whole insurance thing, not you feeling awful) I'm one of your fellow CTMH girls just checking out the blogs that were posted on the BB. I will be checking back again!!

  2. I totally understand you! My life goes that way often! It's so hard being a mom, teacher, wife, friend and scrapper!

  3. I hate those kinds of months, but they come along, don't they??

    I found you through the CTMH bulletin board and am a follower now. Would you be willing to follow me, too?

    Thanks, and Blessings!


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