Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A HA!!!!!!

A HA!! 

I did it the back door way, but at least it worked!!  Here are my 2 Lucy paper pack samples as described in my earlier post:

Photo: I love that CTMH switched to double-sided paper.  I admit, I was not a fan at first...but it makes the 5-layout workshops *that much* better.  While I never use the 5 layouts consecutively in my albums (unless I made them for a specific theme/holiday), I can also make them look like they came from an entirely different pack of paper.  here is an example from the 5-layout class samples I have done this morning using the Lucy paper pack.  Same pack, 2 very different looks, just flip the top layout paper over & voila!

Remember, these are not completed layouts, nor are all the cut pieces on them.  Sometimes you need the photos on there before putting that last 1/2 x 12 strip on, know what I mean?  Those I keep in the protector with the layout sketch & instructions until I have photos for the layout.

Working on a second workshop set with the same packet, using the sides I mostly ignored the first time around!

Stay tuned!

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