Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fellow Consultants! Here's a different take on the layout workshops to consider!

I had some great feedback from a bunch of people about the 5 Double-Layout Workshops, but one that stands out talked about how that Consultant changed up how I run mine.  Instead of making 5 in class, they cut the pieces, everyone keeps the pieces there, they do only 2 layouts per class, start to finish - layout as I do them, plus mats, pictures, embellishments, titles, markers for hand-written journaling.  Stamps & inks are used on some, not on others.  It changes the price of the workshop because of the extras needed, and everyone uses the same paper pack (no choice in that) so the stamps, embellishments, cardstock in bulk for mats, & samples are the same.  What a great way to take an idea and make it your own!  They only do 2 because of time limits on the Workshop, and the remaining 3 can either be taken home or left for the next class since she runs more than 1 workshop per month.  Thanks to the Consultant for sharing her spin! 

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