Monday, August 12, 2013

For those who asked me about being a "Junior Consultant," here you go!

Over the last few days several people have discussed the "Consultant options" Close to my Heart offers.  Since I don't "actively recruit" people I was unsure of the details.  Remember, I signed up because I can make my quota myself & get the why pay full price & make someone else's minimums?  Because four people have asked, here are a few details that address their specific questions:

"Consultant:" Places orders totaling $300 per quarter (it's an added total of all orders from that quarter); you get a 22% discount on all products ordered. 

"Junior Consultant:" Does not meet the $300 quota during any given quarter.  You are only required to have orders totaling $100 per quarter (it's an added total of all orders from that quarter); you get a 10% discount on all products ordered.  If you have $300 in orders during a future quarter, you are bumped back up to a "regular Consultant" until the time comes when you don't meet those minimums, and then you are dropped back down to Junior.

You have a "grace quarter" when you first sign up to make your 1st minimums.  The quarter are 3 months long & begin in January, April, July, & October.  If you sign up in January, for example, you have Jan., Feb., March to make your minimum.  But, since it's your first time with the company, you get a "grace period" of April, May, & June as well to get that $300 met.  During this time, you get the 22% discount.  For this reason, I would sign up at the beginning of a new Quarter.  More time to meet the quota, and more time to get the 22% discount.

You cannot sign up as a "Junior," once you fail to meet the $300 minimum you automatically drop down once your grace period is up.  Don't forget to have $100 in products ordered before that time or you are dropped altogether.

The New Consultant kit is $49, or you can get an expanded kit for $99.  Both are in the new Idea Book - take a look and see which one is best for you.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me!  You are more than welcome to sign up under me.  If you do, Consultant or Junior, you are eligible for a free layout cutting guide each month (or to attend the class without ordering something) since you would be considered "my downline" & the guides would be "mentoring."  :)

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