Monday, August 5, 2013

Kits & Cutting Guides Video, Part 1

Today's the day!  Today I "release" those really bad videos I made using the phone I can barely turn on.  You've heard of "B Movies?"  This is much further down the "bad" list, somewhere around "K."  You can't say you weren't warned.

Please keep these things in mind with Part 1:
  • Cutting guides always come with a printout of what my samples look like.  My sample wasn't done at the time of this video, and it still isn't done.
  • You don't have to use the same paper I used.  When you get your cutting guide, simply pull one of those kits you made off your shelf, cross out the paper I have listed on the cutting guides, and write in your own paper description so you know which paper to make what cuts on.  For example, instead of "Multi/Navy" like I used, say you are using a flower print (and one sided works just as well, just fewer options for variety is all.)  Cross out my "multi" and write in your "flowers."  Do it the same way for the solid colors as well.  I highly recommend this so you cut the right sheets to the right sizes and not have to adjust on the fly or start again.  I only mention this because I'm super anal like that.
Here's Part 1 (the sound is very low despite using my best teacher voice & speaking loudly.  Sorry.)
(look for the post that says "Video #1)

PS - If you're not sure what these "kits" are I referred to, see the post from a few days about making your own kits from the paper you already have.)


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