Saturday, August 3, 2013

Making Your Own Paper Packs & Kits

Whenever people ask me about "all of your paper" I tell them my uncoordinated, pretty paper is all gone.  I could never match up or coordinate patterns or colors from all of those companies, same for solid cardstock, so I wasn't getting anything done.  That's about the time I discovered Close to my Heart's paper packs, though they were different back then in some ways. 

The only problem I DON'T have these days while scrapping is picking paper.  I still have way too much of it, but they come in nice kits, all color coordinated, with patterns that are different but work well together, and I didn't have to do anything.  Seriously, it's genius.  How many times have you stood in front of your paper hoard (or in the paper aisle at a store), picking paper that goes with this sheet & that one...and then do it over again with solids?  I don't do it anymore.  For $9.95 someone else does it for me, and they do a way better job at it!  For me, the key is to stick with one company for paper so it all matches.  You know it's working when even the hubby notices how much more you get done, and comments on "how much better" the layouts look.  We'll skip over that comment for now, shall we?!

My goal is to help you use up what you already have, no matter the company.  However, my cutting guides are based on Close to my Heart paper packs. 

Here is how you can make your own paper kit from what you already have on hand:

Find 3 different patterns of paper that coordinate with each other (by color scheme, etc.)  Make sure you have 2 sheets of each, put them to the side.  Now go to your solid cardstock and pick the following to match the 3 different patterns you just chose: 2 sheets of 1 coordinating solid cardstock, then 2 sheets of a different, coordinating solid cardstock, 1 sheet of a third coordinating solid cardstock, and then 1 sheet of a fourth coordinating solid cardstock.

In the end you will have:
  • 6 sheets of pattern paper (3 patterns, 2 sheets of each)
  • 6 sheets of solid color cardstock (2 sheets of 1 color, 2 sheets of a 2nd color, 1 sheet of a 3rd color, and 1 sheet of a 4th color.)
  • You will need to add cardstock for base pages and photo mats, those are not figured in to my cutting guides.
Put all of this in a large Ziploc baggie and put it to the side.  You can either make layouts and then add photos, or you can have the kit ready when you have photos to scrap with.   Makes no difference.

I find this to be very effective when I'm at crops.  If I stop chatting, shopping, or snacking long enough to cut some paper I actually get layouts done!  This may be new for some of you or might not sound great to others, but I promise that it revolutionized the way I scrap, the amount of paper I started to use, and the tremendous decrease in spending on paper that just sits in my craft room. 

So, no matter what company you use or how many different companies you have paper from...start kitting!  I make 3-5 double layouts per kit, sometimes with plenty left for cards, and always enough to embellish.  My layout guides will be available to you, more on that another time.

Tomorrow I will post my 1st ever try at a video.  It's pretty bad, but it explains a little more on the kits and a lot more on my cutting guides.  Once we're done with this kind of "prep work" to lay the foundation for the projects I'll start posting about classes in house, classes by mail, and how to get any of the cutting guides I have available.

As always, thanks for stopping by!
(Now go start kitting your paper!!)

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