Thursday, August 1, 2013

"Use It Up" Campaign!

I have this thing about paper...maybe you can understand it.  I love to buy it , feel it, look at it...and then get anxiety at the thought of using it.  The result is, well, being a paper hoarder.

I am determined to use much more of what I have in the few weeks of summer I have left.  I am off to a decent start.

This is the start of my "Use it Up" Campaign.  I'm hoping to make a bigger dent in the paper I am hoarding and fill some of those empty albums I have.  That's been a little more challenging since I don't scrap in chronological order, so I went to "the files" and printed out photos from all unscrapped events from 2003 & 2004.  That's where I'm starting .

 I like the old-time workshops many people used to do of making several layouts from a single Close To My Heart paper pack.  I still try to do that even though the packs have changed over time.  That's where my cutting guides come in.  I find 5 "page maps" or layout samples online that I like, put them in the order I like them best, and start measuring or eyeballing.  I put it on graph paper so I can see what I can really get out of the pack.  When I can't get anymore that I like, or when I have fit all 5, I'm done with that pack.  Time to cut, separate into piles by layout, and assemble.  If I don't have pictures for all but 1 layout, I save the layout.  This way they aren't all together in my albums like a mini-book due to the same paper (unless it's a theme like a holiday or event), and I have layouts ready to go when I print more pictures.
I must admit, I hated this way of scrapping.  I match everything to the photos, they were always my starting point.  I think I'm better off this way - using up lots of paper, making lots of layouts, having lots on hand, and with flip flaps, I can make any layout fit my needs.
 What you'll notice if you continue to stop is much of what I'm using is retired, and some of it is quite "old."  That's the goal - use it up! 
As I prep myself for a new blog format I will be posting contest details, the new Facebook page info, & those not-so-great "helpful" videos I made.  I hope to be posting layout photos by the end of the week.
What about you?  Ready to make a dent in your own paper hoard?
As always, thanks for stopping by!

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